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Anonymous said: If its not too much trouble, can you please tell me what a maid of void would do?

Sure thing! 

Maid: Defends and counter-attacks using her aspect, is also known to fix things relating to her aspect (Jane fixes life by healing, Aradia is going around fixing doomed timelines now that she’s God-Tiered, etc.).

Void: The Aspect of darkness, secrets, and hiding/hidden things. Void players are extremely talented at making people and/or objects undetectable (note Roxy blacking out her entire session from Calliope’s view, for example).

As such, a Maid of Void would defend amd counter-attack using darkness, secrets, and hiding. This would allow her to, say, blind her enemies with darkness (thus stopping them from attacking), or to make herself disappear before the attack could go through. The moment anybody tried to attack her, she’d be completely hidden. She would also be able to fix darkness, secrets, and hidden things, which may entail finding secret objects and such and repairing them, or ensuring that a certain secret that’s been revealed goes back to being a secret again. She’d be a very elusive player, and pretty much no one would be able to find her if she didn’t want them to. 

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